Marketing Tradespeople can also help your general contractor business or plumber, roofer, or electrician business to build a professional website.

Sometimes you only need a single “lead capture” page which you use for online marketing. The sole purpose of this page is to collect names and contact information for sales leads.  It will be direct and to the point.  It won’t have a lot of external links or information so as not to detract from the message of collecting your sales lead’s contact information.  AFTER they fill out the lead capture form they can get additional information about your company such as a link to your full professional web site.

Many of our clients only need a lead capture page.  We actually build a customized lead capture page for our clients which is tailored to their digital marketing campaigns. If you run multiple ad campaigns we may customize unique lead capture pages for each campaign.  Once the lead fills out the lead capture form we will then provide them with additional information about your company including your professional web site address.

Some of our clients do not yet have a professional web site. For these clients we can also provide a full professional web site including a list of products or services, a portfolio of recent work, lead capture forms, testimonials, social media links, etc.

Why would I want to use a lead capture page?

These are best used with digital marketing. For example:

You have a Google ad campaign you want it to go to a lead capture page. You’re paying for the good advertising and want to get as many leads/sales as possible. You also want to be able to track the results of your ad campaign.

Why would I want to use a professional website?

Your professional web site could be used for marketing but it also might be an informational tool.  Maybe you accept online payments or have a way for customers to lookup invoices. This can also show a way for customers to get customer service. These can also be placed on a professional web site. For example:

Your website that appears on your business card may not be for lead capture. It might have a lead capture component but you’ll also use it to provide your information to vendors or for informational purposes.  Additionally some of the social media services might want to link to a professional website as opposed to just a lead capture page.  They want to see more information about your company.

Professional Web Development

Marketing Tradespeople can offer professional web development services. Many of our digital marketing packages include Lead Capture Pages as a part of our service.

We can also offer a custom web development package.  Whether this is a remodel of your existing web site or a totally new web site built from scratch.

Pricing is typically based on the number of pages in your website and the complexity of those pages. The best thing you can do is to contact us using the form below. We will be happy to setup a free consultation.

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